Projects Notes

Notes on my Photo Projects

In this section I will be sharing notes and impressions on projects, I’m currently working on. Ideas about upcoming projects will be shared as blog posts, since there won’t be anything substantial to them.

However, when I’m saying “notes”, it’s not just the scrabbles and random thoughts, which I’m normally jutting down in my journal. Instead I will try to turn it into something more substantial, something which, hopefully, will give an impression of a more arranged and substantive thought out statement on what I’m working on, and where I am in the process.

I have decided to do this, both to document the changing circumstances, my process, and to allow others to get an idea of how I work.

Comments and feedback is of course always welcome.

Notes on the Mamilla Cemetery – Part 1: Initial Impressions

Notes on the Mamilla Cemetery – Part 1: Initial Impressions

The Mamilla Cemetery is an Islamic cemetery found just outside the Old City of Jerusalem, near the Jaffa Gate. While important Muslim figures have been buried here, today the cemetery is just a shadow of what it was. Here I share my initial thoughts on the state of my own awareness of the cemetery and the cemetery itself.