Jerusalem by Night – A Late Evening Photo Walk

I finally got a chance to take a trip to Jerusalem during evening. My wife pushed me to do so, I didn’t want to leave her with all the mess at home, but most things were done, and the kids were halfway in bed, so she insisted – much appreciated. She understands my weird urges.… Continue reading Jerusalem by Night – A Late Evening Photo Walk

What am I up to? Updates for August 17, 2020

Wondering what I’m up to? Well, you should be! So read along here and hear about interesting upcoming things, and please leave a comment about how you’re doing!


A new website has been born, and what has it brought the world? Well, so far nothing really. It’s just another digital place for someone to rant about things, which he feels is of importance, and acting as if everyone – or even anyone – would have any interest in whatever he has to say.… Continue reading Introduction